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Friday, January 15, 2010

Investment and Trading Potencies and Opportunities


Food Crops
Total wet land paddy area of Bantaeng Regency in 2006 reached 13,023 Ha approximately. This area is still relatively small if compared to potencies of land that have not been cultivated that reached 19,775 Ha. However, the regency has been capable to become rice-self sufficient region. In 2009 farmers in Bantaeng Regency has started to develop Mekongga paddy variety in Legowo system. The outcome is very promising, namely around 9-10 ton/ha. Besides paddy, production of other competitive commodities like corn, cassava, sweet potato also shows significant production improvement.

Seen from the production, market potential as well as availability of land, food crops commodities which are prospective to develop is corn and its processing products. Opportunities that investors can tap include acailability of production facilities and post-harvest processing facilities (dryer, warehouse, silo), thee big market demand from other regions for corn (Pare-pare, Sidenreng Rappang, Makassar) for poultry industry, processed products (snack, marning or fried corn, corn powder and others), the drop of World’s supply of corn commodity form producers (the United States and China) and the development of national food and non food industry that use corn as their raw material.

Horticulture Crops
For vegetable, among competitive products from Bantaeng Regency include carrot, potato and cabbage. Demand from customers for these vegetables is very high, not only consumers from Bantaeng and its surrounding region, but also from makassar City. While kinds of competitive fruits developed in the regency include mango, banana, strawberry and keprok orange. In 2009 apple fruit starts to be developed in Muntea mountain area. It is expected that in the next 3 years the apple crops will start to produce fruit.

The most prospective investment opportunities available for investors include development of potato commodity, either in seed from or potato for cunsumption as well as processed products. Development of potato seed in Bantaeng Regency is carried out through network culture under aero phonic system. Opportunities that investors can tap are, among others, availability of pest control technology as well as post harvest technology, there is a large company which is willing to cooperate (PT. Indofood Tbk.), demand for potato commodity is still very high, especially from Kalimantan, availability potato processing technology (potato chip), the development of food processing industry that use potato as the raw material (bread and cake industry) and the development of hotel and restaurants in Makassar City as one of the main market for potato commodity.

Bantaeng Regency has huge potencies for development of plantation commodities. Total Plantation area that have been developed reaches 370,652 Ha. A Number of plantation commodities like Robusta Coffee, Arabica Coffee and Cocoa has become major commodities for local people. In regional perspective, potential commodities to develop in the region is Arabica Coffee and its processing products. The huge demand from export market, many companies that are willing to ccoperate with farmers, availability of coffee processing technology for small, medium and large scale industry and the development of coffee shop are all become opportunities that investors can make it.

Bantaeng Regency is one of regencies that have huge forest resources. Total forestry area of the regency reaches 6,222 Ha, consisting of permanent production forest (2,187 Ha), Limited Production Forest (1,262 Ha) and Protection Forest (2,773 Ha). Besides various kinds of woods, forestry products that can be utilized optimally include rattan, gum resin and others.

Marine and Fishery Sector
Marine as well as fresh water fishery potencies in Bantaeng Regency is huge enough, as can be seen from the vast area of brackish water area and public water area as well as sea water area that span as long as 21,5 Km from west to east, facing Flores Sea. For capture fishery, the potencies is big enough. Kind of fish captured by fishermen include flying fish, skipjack, tenggiri, tuna, little ttuna, kembung, kerapung and other fishes. For culture fishery, total brackish water area in Bantaeng Regency reaches 135,89 Ha that produce shrimp of 124 ton/year, fish of 108,5 ton/year. Other freshwater fish cultivation like freshwater fish culture (pool), also show huge capacity, namely producing fish of 2,7 ton/year. Kinds of freshwater fish developed in the regency include karper, tilapia and others. Fish processing industry that have been existed in Bantaeng regency comprises fish canning industry (PT. Global Seafood International Indonesia).

Other investment opportunities which is prospective enough develop include seaweed cultivation in its product processing. In 2002, people in Bantaeng Regency tried cultivate seaweed through spanning rope system. Up until mid of 2003 production of seaweed developed in the region has been capable to supply raw material for seaweed processing industry in the surrounding area. Opportunities to develop seaweed and its processing is alsso supported by its potencies as an export oriented commodity. Seaweed can be processed into various products, the increasing demand for seaweed in domestic as well as international market, seaweed is very marketable commodity with high sale price and the availability of advanced technology for seaweed processing either for small, medium and large scale industry.


Processing Industry
Processing Industry in general grows significally. Up until 2006, there are about 2005 units industry/companies. Investment opportunities offered include development bottled mineral industry. Opportunities that investors can be utilized include the large demand for bottled mineral water and the availability of advanced technology for mineral water processing, namely through vending technology. Using this technology, buyers only need to put coin to be machine, press some button, than fresh mineral water will flow. Buyer only need to put the water in the bottle they bring themselves.

Trading and Services
Number of tradingg companies in Bantaeng Regency up until 2006 reaches 115 units, consisting of small, medium and large trading companies. Trading activities in the regenccy has been supported by infrastructure and facilities like market, shopping store and to varrious commodities. The most prospective investment opportunities include development of trading industry of agriculture products, since there are many factors that supports, namely widely open market opportunity both for domestic as well as export market, it offers good profit as margin price between farmers and exporter is very high, the possibility for international cooperation and the development of traditional market and supermarket.


Bantaeng Regency has big potencies in Tourism Sector which are prospective to develop. No wonder that the government of Bantaeng Regency give serious attention to develop and promote the existing tourism potential and attraction in order to be more widely known by local, regional as well as international tourists. Those tourism potencies are also supported by strategic position of Bantaeng Regency of being in the main tourism route of South Sulawesi, namely :
1. Makassar-Tana Toraja-Wajo-Bone-Bira Beach-Makassar
2. Makassar-Bira Beach-Bone-Wajo-Tana Toraja-Makassar
3. Makassar-Bira Beach-Makassar
Development of tourism in Bantaeng Regency must be kept integrated with development of tourism in Bulukumba, where these two regions located closely each other with high accessibility rate. Bantaeng and Bulukumba can't be separated as a Black Community need each other especially the tourism sector. A distance of only 30 Kilometers using a Black Motor Community, Bulukumba been able to reach from Bantaeng.

In brief, tourism potencies of Bantaeng Regency can be grouped into 4 types of tourism, namely natural tourism, marine tourism, cultural tourism and agro tourism. Bantaeng laso offers various tourism attraction and activities, among others Anniversary of Bantaeng Regency, Pa’jukukang Traditional Party, Paolle and Paddekko Dance. Mean while, investment opportunities offered include development of Eremerasa natural bathing place. Opportunities that investors can tap include availability of tourism promotion media, the increasing number of tourism visiting South Sulawesi province, the strategic location of being in the tourism route of South Sulawesi province, the strategic location of being in the tourism route of South Sulawesi and the absence of fresh water natural bathing tourism object in the southern area of South Sulawesi propince. Opportunities available in tourism sector also include development of Korong Batu white sand area which is located in the coastal areas of Pa’jukukang.


Bantaeng Regency has big potencies of mineral resources that have not been optimally utilized up until today. Surely this condition province prospective opportunities for investors. A number of minerals that can be utilized include clay (85,5 million ton), andesite (7,095 million ton) and basalt (approximatelly 17,290 ton). Potencies of basalt in Bantaeng Regency is the larggest in South Sulawesi province.


Preparedness of Bantaeng Regency in welcoming inflow of investment in the region can be seen from the efforts of the regional government to develop the existing infrastructure and facilities. For transportation and communication facilities, policies of regional government to develop transportation is focused on the efforts to make transportation facilities play its role as the vein of economy in the region and support the mobility of people, goods and services, to support regional development and communication among regions and to open isolated areas. The length and the condition of road in Bantaeng Regency improves from year to year. In the 1999 the span of Regency road was only 484,4 Km and in 2006 the length has increased to 514,84 Km. Meanwhile, the length of provincial road i 2006was 45,5 Km. Hence total span of road in Bantaeng Regency in 2006 has reached 560,34 Km.

Sea transportation plays vital roles for economic activities in the regency. The roles can be seen from the development of cargo flow according to loadiing and unloading activities in Bantaeng Seaport where in 2006 reached 1,085 ton while total goods loaded reached 1.095 ton. In 2009 Bantaeng Seaport area has been developed in order to be capable to accommodate PELNI vessel. With the opening of this seaport for big vessel, it is expected that transportation route of Bantaeng-Bali-Surabaya will run smoothly.

For Post and Telecommunication facilities, at present there have been 4 Post Offices, consisting of 3 additional Post Offices and 1 main Post Office in the capital city of the regency. Meanwhile, the number of telephone line connection increases each year. In 2001 total telephone connection was 2,490 lines, increased to become 2,718 line in 2002 (8,39 percent). In addition, there are 5 cellular telecommunication operators that have spread their wing to Bantaeng Regency, they are Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, Flexi and Fren.

Supply of clean water is supplied by Local Water Enterprises (PDAM) of Bantaeng Regency and has been capable to supply demand for clean water to the people in the regency. The company has divided the region into 3 service zones., namely West Bantaeng, Central Bantaeng and South Bantaeng service area. Meanwhile, demand for electricity energy will be facilities by micro-hydro electricity power plant.


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