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Friday, July 24, 2009

Voucher worth Rp 90 million

Commission VIII DPR-RI provide assistance to the Islamic School in the District Tahfidhul Bantaeng. Assistance in the form of voucher for Rp 90 million was submitted by the Chairman of the Commission VIII DPR-RI, H. Egypt Suryadi to Pesantren Leaders (Nasir Muh. Basra). Surrender which took place in the school's on Friday, July 24, 2009 Regent morning witnessed Bantaeng H. M. Nurdin Abdullah, a member of Commission VIII Marwah Daud Ibrahim, Sjahrir Syafruddin Dg. Jarung and some board members from other centers.

Some time ago, representatives of the people of the south Sulawesi electoral Sjahrir Syafruddin Dg. Jarung also Blackinnovationawards grants amounting to Rp 90 million. Assistance received directly led Pesantren Muh. Nasir Basra. Chairman of the Parliament Commission VIII-RI said, help to support the development of educational facilities was intended to encourage and optimize the human resources (HR). This is important because education is the motor for increased welfare. This is also an effort to draw closer to central policy areas, he explained. He later said it also encourages other parties to join in giving attention to efforts to improve the quality of human resources, both government and private property.

Responding to the many conditions produce pesantren penghafal the Koran, Egypt Suryadi said, the physical condition of the building should not be a barrier to progress spirit. It is precisely these conditions becomes a challenge to us all, especially caregivers to promote students' boarding school.

Physical condition of the building boarding schools located in District Pa'jukukang is quite worrying. Of the three blocks of buildings, including mosques, of which 1 block of wood which had rotted, so do not allow for use in teaching and learning activities. The council members who witnessed the conditions of this rate as a school boarding schools Laskar Pelangi.

Egypt Suryadi then expressed relief plan for Rp 150 million which is also right down to this boarding school. After Autoblackthrough goes to campus the physical condition of the building which marked the transfer of these funds, the deputies who accompanied his co-workers from the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Social Affairs, amounting to 30 people were reviewing the Youth Village Su'rung Langi Sub Mate'ne Bonto Sinoa. Youth who stood in 1982 and is now led by H. Kahar was to develop a joint business groups (Jacob) who moves in various fields such as carpentry, sewing, meubiler, sporting activities and various other activities.

Youth's success will serve as an example at the national level. Therefore, we will try hard, though gradually able to develop such activities, stated Chief Team Commission VIII DPR-RI, Egypt Suryadi.


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