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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Agriculture prize

South Sulawesi (Sulawesi Selatan) won back the agricultural sector. This time the Governor Syahrul Yasin Limpo and Regent Bantaeng H. M. Nurdin Abdullah who received Blackinnovationawards from the Indonesian Agricultural Research and Development Agency.

Awards are given for Djarum Black Motodify to develop agriculture in this region. Head of Public Relations Local Government District Bantaeng Joni Tambing, S. Sos said the award is achieved in the agricultural sector has its own meaning for the district is 120 Kilometers south of this city of Makassar.

Since led DR. Nurdin Abdullah, District Bantaeng mengembangakn rice growing system known as Legowo-21. This planting system successfully boost production from an average of 4 tons / ha to 8-10 tons / ha.

Regent also developed a high economic value crops such as apples and strawberries in Bonto Lojong, District of Ulu Ere. Village that will be the Village Independent pecontohan also been promoting the planting of ornamental plants.

Development of these commodities, but is intended to meet local demand, also meet the export market. Ornamental plants, Joni clearly now have a request from the Korean market.

To support these investments, the Chief District Team PKK Bantaeng Ir. Lies F. Nurdin and their staffs have done socialization and cultivation practices that many women liked it.

Hopefully, if the production of ornamental plants, will restore the image in District Kampong Ulu Loka Ere as the City Flower.


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Bantaeng terletak di sebelah selatan Propinsi Sulawesi Selatan
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