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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Combined SAR team shifted to Jeneponto

The search for missing victims conducted by the Joint SAR team has been held since last Monday, June 22, 2009, exactly along the waters of the region directly Bantaeng District bordering the Flores Sea.

SAR team joined the Black Community Volunteer Force has several searches as possible. Missing victims named Sampara and Asli each 30 year old, according to reports has been to sea in order to fish through fishing methods. But a new report into the Government District Bantaeng after the fourth day they did not return to the land that is precisely dated June 21, 2009. Furthermore the report forwarded to the SAR team, in this case BASARNAS and immediately reduce their personnel who joined from UNHAS SAR, SAR UNM, SAR 45 and BASARNAS itself and assisted the District Disaster Management Team Bantaeng.

This morning, rescue teams had found a Kail / Draw the alleged victim are the property of the missing. Kail found after conducting searches in the search area along the waters Bantaeng, Jeneponto and Selayar. Cooperation was carried out to help each other search processes, among them the SAR team to coordinate with local government The Kab. Bantaeng, SAR team Bantaeng, Jeneponto Police, Police Selayar, SAR team Selayar, Lantamal Makassar and the Fisherman Bantaeng.

After searching for 2 (two) days in a row to this day, Chairman of the Joint SAR Team (Mohammad Ansari) who berposko Coast District Lamalaka Bantaeng doing Briefing and Evaluation Results. In the evaluation of the Mother attended District (subdistrict) Bantaeng Bantaeng District and the victim's family left behind. In the evaluation, Mohammad Ansari concluded that the search will be stopped in Bantaeng to immediately move into the area until the waters Galesong Jeneponto in Takalar. Meanwhile, to this day has not produced encouraging results since there was no clarity on the condition that the victim had lost it.

Based on PROTAP (fixed procedure) Combined SAR team, that after missing for at least 6 (six) days, it was decided to abandon the search. But do not close the space for all parties to continue to coordinate and communicate with the SAR team found when the combined sign of the victim. In this occasion, the team leader said that the Navy had contacted Lantamal Makassar Combined SAR team regarding his arrival in Bantaeng plan to conduct further searches of which one representative of the Navy has been described in detail in the Briefing.

Some of the obstacles faced during the process of Search and Rescue, among others:
1. Used rubber boats. Vehicle Black Motor Community to search for victims has limited mileage since the waves are too big.
2. There is no definite information which the point / position of the two victims actually lost or drowned.
3. Likewise with Speed Boat Transport Department's Bantaeng District also has the same limitations Rubber Boat Association's SAR team.
4. In accordance with PROTAP, can be assumed that the victim had died when not stranded.
5. In these conditions, during a search found no signs that refer to the certainty of the existence of the victim, so no decision can be taken if the victim had died or not.

It is worth thumbs up because the search process has been done to the maximum extent possible. Even to this day not only performed a search, rescue team only shifted Joint / move to the waters Jeneponto for further searching. Then by the Navy Lantamal Makassar and assisted by the Ship Finder's SAR team with a greater capacity continue to search throughout Bantaeng and surrounding waters on the line ship route can not be reached only with its rubber boats only.

Finally, the SAR team said goodbye to the family and the Government Kab. Briefing Bantaeng before ending it. Next the volunteers packed into Jeneponto immediately. Expectations of all parties, victims may receive separate instructions from God, so stay safe Healthy Wal Afiat, Amin.


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