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Monday, April 27, 2009

Hospital Modernization

Regional General Hospital Prof. Dr. Anwar Makkatutu will soon be Djarum Black Motodify. Physical work of more modern hospitals will spend Rp 70 billion. Funds for the facilities used to build 5-story space and a number of other supporting facilities.

This was revealed in the exposure of development plans in hospitals shoreline Bantaeng City, precisely Monday April 27, 2009. Exposure that guided the development of hospitals Bantaeng Hospital Director Dr. H. M. Syafruddin Nurdin, M. Kes was attended Regent Bantaeng H. M. Nurdin Abdullah, Vice Regent H. A. Original
Mustadjab, Secretary Bantaeng H. Shamsuddin, the SKPD and other dignitaries.

Aswin Griksa Fitranto, Architecture, Planning Consultant said that the construction of Bantaeng hospitals, the construction will last for 2 years. To support the development, Bantaeng District Government through the Department of Public Works & Kimpraswil Kab. Bantaeng immediately reclaimed. Initial stage of reclamation which will begin early May 2009 will be conducted in the area of 3.5 ha, plus Head PU & Kimpraswil Kab. Bantaeng Ir. H. Zainuddin Tahir. He praised the land use planner who sehemat possible to provide space for support facilities that can positively affect the patient.

Taking advantage of the sea and the mountain beauty and comfort of patients, can hopefully be a healing factor for patients who suffer a mild illness, he said. Zainuddin also asked hospitals Bantaeng have to consider characteristic of the regional culture. Even so, Kadis. Health Kab. Bantaeng Dr. Takudaeng hope, planning is concerned hospitals medical waste handling. Bantaeng Hospital Director, Dr. Syafruddin Nurdin admitted, the planning team has considered various aspects of support including waste problem.

This is a commitment to improving the quality of services and partnerships. Because of that, he hoped, soon Bantaeng accredited hospitals for 5 types of administrative services include management, medical services, emergency room, nursing and medical record. Hospital Bantaeng also soon collaborate with the Medical Faculty of Hasanuddin University Makassar to use special physician assistants and co workers.

Regent Bantaeng on that occasion to ask the parties Black Community to give full attention to the planned construction of these hospitals, because hospitals Bantaeng be expected not only in SulSel best hospitals, but also a valuable plus hospitals because the strategic location. There may be patients who just need the sea breeze or looking at the green mountains, he explained.


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