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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Will a Better Tomorrow

Conditions are increasingly concerned about the earth should encourage us to further notice. Global climate change, the earth's survival is threatened due to natural phenomena became bolder uncertain. What man ever had in the time that has passed within 10,000 years ago, it is not impossible to happen in the future. Maybe just in time, sooner or later, the analysis can speak, even as far as possible theory could be used as a reference. However, the wrath of the Creator is not unexpected if humans have worsened the situation due to the earth ulahnya.

A positive response can be applied by beings who care about the environment. Through creative touch nan, an event held at the propeller Restaurant and Café of Bonthain (Jl. Raya Lanto No. 1 Bantaeng). Princess Fatimah Nurdin daily nicknamed Princess Nurdin, in cooperation with several parties that include:
1. Ambae.exe
2. BGlobal Management
3. BGallery Band
4. SMA neg. 1 Bantaeng
5. SMA neg. 2 Bantaeng
6. SMK neg. 1 Bantaeng
7. Community Music / Band Bantaeng
8. And other parties are very concerned about the earth

Especially the role of the District Government Bantaeng, supporting every movement and nuance rescue activities, anticipation and prevention. Rather, dated March 27, 2009 from 19:30 o'clock last night Wita, the event was held with the theme Bantaeng Go Green. In the occasion that time, the Princess calls all parties to be present this morning in order to Planting Trees as preventive measures against the phenomenon of GLOBAL WARMING.

Activities coupled with Performance Music, also filled in some Quiz with prizes for audience satisfaction. This includes opening a Babakan the audience to express unek-uneknya of Bantaeng Development. Ambae.exe also participate in providing one-point proposal, namely Point Development Bantaeng Hotspot in the region in order to stimulate people's purchasing power as well as a learning arena overall Information Technology. While the other proposals in the form of utilization of the environment for the conservation of nature, cleanliness and beauty of the city Bantaeng for more Djarum Black Menthol.

Regent Bantaeng (HM Nurdin Abdullah) and his mother Chairman Team PKK (Nurdin F. Hj. Lies) who attended the occasion, welcomed the plan of planting trees that have been executed this morning.

Until the end of the night, the Black Community enthusiastically follow the explanation presented by the Princess Nurdin (Eldest Daughter of Mr. Regent Bantaeng). Furthermore, this morning along with hundreds of students of Senior High School in Bantaeng, Princess Nurdin, BGlobal Management Ambae.exe and implement tree planting around the Square Bawakaraeng, the Regent House Office Bantaeng.

After planting trees, the participants Bantaeng Go Green activities directed to listen to the exposure of the Princess Nurdin related to Global Warming events. Located in Building Pertiwi (Jl. Crow Bantaeng), the spirit of students from several high school after listening to the explanation of Bantaeng the princess, appears serious and focus of their faces.

And to complete the series of events, for the next time back to give some refresh Quiz as a forum to avoid monotony impressed. Some students and students are invited to provide views on Global Warming as long as they understand it. Surely in these activities, a 1.5-hour length movies, entitled The Day After Tomorrow is playing to be able to bring more information to think for the audience.

The story is about how the process and the effects that may result from Global Warming. Real life is considered good for this, it is not impossible that one day will vanish, and even a lost civilization swallowed by the earth at once.

After watching the film, the participants most of whom were high school students neg. 1 Bantaeng, SMA neg. 2 Bantaeng and Vocational neg. 1 Bantaeng, as if swept away by a story that flows in it. Then they woke up from his seriousness in the film is listening, as if awakened from a long dream and never imagined the havoc that can be fatal if from now people are not trying to preserve the earth.

So we all keep selayaknyalah this earth, never unmindful of the dangers that can be caused by actions that had been deemed not to damage because of the nature of selfishness, self-interest and indifference.

In order to address Global Warming, let's together think about the best step for the earth we live on. Coab refer to the message below. Read, consider, understand and implement with sincerity.

Indonesia Earth Hour Saturday, March 28, 2009 at 20.30-21.30. Turn off the lights 1 hour.
I, you, we can change the world. 1 hour the lights went out, each with 300 Megawatt, enough for 900 villages, reducing the electrical load 200 million, reducing the 284 Tons of CO2 emissions, saving 284 trees, produce clean air for 568 people!

1 hour that can improve the quality of the earth ...
Every 1 person who participated very meaningful to earth ...
Disclose to the other yach ...!!!


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