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Friday, October 2, 2009

Straw Fermentation

Breeders incorporated in the District Farmers Group received Blackinnovationawards and Djarum Black Slimznation Bantaeng straw fermentation technology for cattle feed. The training was conducted Hasanuddin University Faculty of Animal Husbandry in cooperation Bantaeng administration and Makassar Muhammadiyah University.

Synergy Team Leader for Community Empowerment (Sibermas), Suhendra Pancawijaya said, the training is to support farming activities in this area, especially in a bad season. Forage nutrition professor Faculty of Animal Husbandry Unhas said, the new activity was first introduced to the farmer uses a lot of local materials spread, even likely wasted.

Therefore, through training, he beharap breeders in this area can use the surrounding natural potential, especially in difficult season like now, he explained during training Farmers Group Borongloe Beringin Jaya Village District Pa'jukukang, exactly the day on Friday October 2, 2009. Training is witnessed Head of Livestock Department of Agriculture and Forestry District Bantaeng (Ritha Pasha) and some other officials. This simple technology can improve the nutritional value of feed, as well as the quality and quality because a supplemental material to cattle.

Answering questions, he said, other than rice straw, farmer can also use corn straw, weeds or the seaweed known as sango, sango, cocoa leather, kapok seeds and cashew nuts. All the potential that many in this area can be used to feed, light Suhendra stating its readiness to help in the long term, including the development of appropriate industry or government strategic plan Bantaeng.

Head of Livestock Department of Agriculture and Forestry welcomes Bantaeng District simple technology to help farmers in their working area. He hopes, ranchers give serious attention to coaching a team made from cattle remains Unhas to obtain a good feed. In order for the training is going well, Ritha also asked the coach to be more actively encouraged farmers so that the training goal and the time has advanced breeders feed their own making.

This training is very important since the district has a population of cattle Pa'jukukang enough. Through the training of feed production, farmers are expected to address the needs of livestock, especially in the dry season because the elephant grass and other foods hard to keep in the long run, he said.


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