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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Seaweed Potential Bantaeng

Minister of State for Development of Disadvantaged Regions of the Republic of Indonesia (Meneg. PDT) H. Lukman Edy to Autoblackthrough goes to campus the District Bantaeng Work. Apart from Blackinnovationawards goes to campus of managing coastal communities in Cabodo seaweed, Keluharan Bonto Sunggu Kecamaan Bisssappu Bantaeng District, Mr. Minister also inaugurated the Cadre Building Mover One Nation (KPPSB) which comprises 13 groups from 10 villages as Bantaeng District Prithvi House District Bantaeng (Side Regent Bantaeng home office).

Formation cadre intended to anticipate the occurrence of gaps at the village level planning, as happened so far. The gap is feared could interfere. Lukman an example, the number of proposals that do not fit the Black Community desires. For example the needs of rural road that was built in the implementation of the mayor's house into his garden so as not on target.

For that, the village resources to get assistance with the formation of KPPSB (Cadre Mobilization Development One Nation) this. Through the container is expected to recruit 10 people / villages, so the total will reach 148 built thousands in Indonesia.

Today during a visit Thursday, 5 February 2009, he described some things to do with aid. According to the Minister. PDT, each group received help USD 50 million so the total aid in 2008 is less than Rp 1 billion, but its impact, could push the 5000 rural communities.

In Kelurahan Cabodo Bonto Sunggu, fishermen and seaweed farmers get aid boats, boat engines and support to accelerate the breeding Seaweed production ashore. According to Lukman Edy, built in Cabodo successfully recruited 10 workers for each group. Each worker earning USD 10 thousand people from seaweed business.

From the picture, is expected in 2009 will create a strong group. To increase production and quality, the Ministry will provide technological assistance. The touch technology is expected to be a stimulus formation of Microfinance Institutions to help the capital.

Minister. PDT admitted, to strengthen the institutional, Ministry PDT will provide capital assistance stimulant. This is expected to be a stimulus to the establishment of micro finance institutions expected to help the financial sector in the long run. This is important for rural economic development constraints are generally the problem of capital, technology and markets.

Special technological assistance, farmers are expected to produce higher quality, so price increases. He gave the example of seaweed prices fell by USD now 5000's. With a touch of technology will increase the price, he explained.

For that, the Ministry of PDT will reduce the team that will monitor the possible application of technology that allows for increased production and quality. For example about the water levels are still high.

Market mentioned, Minister of State PDT was sure, no problem for this commodity is in demand.

With the board P2KP-DT (Acceleration of Development of Disadvantaged Regions Regional Production) in Cabodo, on behalf of the Ministry PDT Indonesia Year 2008 Budget, Mr. Minister gave assistance to the 2 groups of 13 groups listed in the District Bantaeng Sea Star Group and Group Lestari Mandiri.


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